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Orchestra in your Pocket


Accompaniment and Sheet Music

From classical to crossover genres, Pockestra provides various types of scores and accompaniments. Experience numerous scores produced by our musical professionals.

Key and Tempo

Go for your own style. Control any parts by changing the tempo or key to meet your needs.


Visual metronome is like Karajan's baton. enjoy the visualized rhythm and keep intact with the score.

Search and Request

Instantly search your desired piece by filtering or simply type in the title. Can't find one? Reach out to us by using the request feature. Pockestra will be uploaded with new contents every week.


Susan Holloway

Violinist, United States

I love practicing with the tracks I’ve created for my own music, but now, there is an app, Pockestra that provides piano, orchestral tracks and scores to hundreds of classical pieces. I’m so much more motivated to practice my classical repertoire! Also, the scores ‘guide’ you along, there is a metronome feature, and you can slow down or speed up the tracks as needed. I’m loving this app!

Filip Pogády

Violinist, United States

I've been scavenging over YouTube for backingtrack apps and usually the qualities were bad with very limited choices. Pockestra have so many choices with tremendous sounding orchestra and piano tracks! It's so much fun to play along with it and should be super helpful, especially when you're learning new pieces.

Esther Abrami

Violinist, United Kingdom

I used the app Pockestra to rehearse with a pre recorded orchestra track in preparation to the concert. I find it so useful to understand the orchestral part from the really beginnings of me learning the piece!

Florian Feilmair

Pianist, Austria

I got to know "Pockestra" last summer and I am very impressed by this application. Especially for young musician it is not easy to get the possibility to play with orchestra. Here "Pockestra" could be a great option to gain experiences with orchestra. The sound of the orchestra accompaniments is very well. It is lively and very close to a real orchestra, as it would have been recorded by international renown orchestra. Congratulation to this fantastic invention!



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